Already over 200 approved restaurants in Canada

The BYOTA Approved Restaurant Program is now fully functional and growing with already over 200 approved restaurants in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Jamaica. Our list of approved restaurants will continue to grow as we expand into the global market.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our websitehttps://byota.caand click on the DINE tab.

You can view our BYOTA Approved Restaurants at by clicking on the “Experience a BYOTA Approved Restaurant” tab.

Perhaps, you know of an establishment that you feel should be a BYOTA Approved Restaurant simply click on the tab “Tell Us About a Food Experience” and we will have it evaluated.Click on the tab “Becoming A BYOTA Approved Restaurant” to see the criteria form we use to evaluate each restaurant.

It takes a certain standard of excellence to be able to be called a BYOTA Approved Restaurant and not all establishments will meet or exceed our requirements and we congratulate those who have been approved on this accomplishment!

Inspire your clients by offering our BYOTA Restaurant program tool to experience dining choices that will enrich their lifestyle.

BYOTA….is a lifestyle that is lived encompassing many of our unique brands. Please take a moment to have a look at all of them