MUST-WATCH: Top 10 Most-Streamed
BYOTA International Film Fest

TITLE: My American Cousin GENRE: Comedy Romance FILM IN: Canada YEAR: 1985

TITLE: New Waterford Girl, GENRE: Comedy FILM IN: Canada, 1999

TITLE: It's Hard to be Human GENRE: Drama, COUNTRY: Canada YEAR: 2017

TITLE: The Disappeared GENRE: Drama, Mystery COUNTRY: Canada YEAR: 2012

TITLE: Black Robe GENRE: Adventure, Drama & War COUNTRY: Canada YEAR: 1991

TITLE: Jack & Ella GENRE: Drama, Romance COUNTRY: Canada YEAR: 2002

TITLE: Horizon GENRE: Drama MADE IN: United States

TITLE: Wild James GENRE: Action PRODUCED IN: Canada, 2022

Trucking For Freedom Docuseries, Chapter 1, How We Got Here, Canada, 2022


TITLE: Mirror Finish GENRE: Action MADE IN: Canada YEAR: 2021

TITLE: 100 Days in the Jungle GENRE: DRAMA, CANADA, 2002

TITLE: The Beach Girls, GENRE: Classic Movie, Sex Comedy MADE IN: USA YEAR: 1982

COMING SOON, Canadian TIGER, Documentary Series, Canadian, 2022,

TITLE: A Lack Of Women In Asia GENRE: Documentary PRODUCED BY: DW Documentary

TITLE: Possible Worlds GENRE: Sci-fi/Drama FILMED IN: Canada YEAR: 2000

TITLE: The Bay of Love and Sorrows GENRE: Drama FILMED IN: Canada YEAR: 2002

TITLE: Emotional Arithmetic GENRE: Drama COUNTRY: Canada YEAR: 2007

HALIFAX F.P.: 20. PLAYING GOD (2001) Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime Drama

Ocean Gate Expeditions: RMS Titanic

Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II 2022

TITLE: Freedom GENRE: Documentary PRODUCED IN: Canada YEAR: 2022

TITLE: Childstar GENRE: Comedy FILMED IN: Canada YEAR: 2004

TITLE: FOOLPROOF, GENRE: Suspence, Comedy, Action, COUNTRY: Canada, 2003

TITLE: Johnny Mnemonic GENRE: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi COUNTRY: Canada YEAR: 1995

TITLE: Going to Kansas City GENRE: Drama, Romance, Thriller COUNTRY: Canada YEAR: 1998

TITLE: The Claim GENRE: Drama, Romance COUNTRY: Canada YEAR: 2000

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